Germany’s PEGIDA and Zionism: The New European Far Right

Here we see a remarkable indication of the shift in the focus and orientation of far right politics in the West, regarding the Jewish question, Muslims and the Middle East, and the strategic effect of this conflict in the imperialist world. Open encouragement from an overt and proud Israeli-Jewish reactionary for German nationalism and anti-Muslim extremism, at a PEGIDA rally in Frankfurt. It is inconceivable that this person just represents himself: he reflects the ideology of the Israeli government and the dominant political trends in Israel.

Those on the left who adhere to a soft Zionist/guilty liberal view of the Jewish question, where Jews will always be the victims of racism, and can never be self-acting subjects of imperialist reaction, should ponder this video. PEGIDA may be a movement in its relative infancy, but it does have an extremely dangerous aspect to it in a climate of gathering anti-Muslim repression and demonisation by ruling classes of Europe.

Do not this proto-Zio-Nazi and his rantings evoke the sizable demonstrations by reactionary French Jews cheering for the mass murder in Gaza last August, while Palestine solidarity demonstrations were banned by government order? Or the action of Neil Masterson in violently attacking George Galloway MP for his vociferous support for the Palestinian people?

This Judeo-Nazi, for that is what the man in the video is, is trying to whip up pogrom-like hatred of Muslims in Germany, while boasting of his knowledge of the history and record of German nationalist reaction when Jews were in a similar position in the early 20th Century. The swagger of such people reflects the fact that these people know full well that Jews have escaped from their anomalous position as scapegoats in the past. The Jewish-Zionist bourgeoisie have consolidated an imperialist settler state on the backs of the Palestinian people, and their agents are now eagerly inciting hatred of Muslim peoples in general, the immediate allies of Palestinian and other targets of Zionism, throughout the imperialist world.

This has been obvious for a long time. But it is still startling to see this translated into the German context. It is easy to imagine this person goosestepping around in a Nazi uniform, especially given the penchant of PEGIDA’s founding leader for being photographed having been made up to resemble Hitler himself.

It underlines that those on the left who capitulate to Zionism, to anti-Muslim bigotry, and to anti-migrant sentiment, are leading the left and the workers movement into dangerous waters.

It is also bitterly ironic given the 70th commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz.

Hat Tip to Gilad Atzmon for this video

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