Political Recommendations

Below are political recommendations – some involuntary – for the politics of this website, that show its genuinely communist, anti-racist and anti-imperialist character.

I will leave others to draw their own conclusions about the motives of some of those who have attempted to malign and smear these politics. The message is pretty clear from the counterposition of quotes, i think.

1) Mike McNair of the CPGB

Ian has flirted with the defence of advocates of antisemitic ideas like Dieudonné and Atzmon on the basis of anti-imperialism and anti-racism. This is not a defensible position: he is in a hole. Rather than stopping, he has kept digging, and arrived at himself defending a classically antisemitic position…


…It is a terrible example of how prioritising “anti-imperialism” and “anti-racism” above class can lead you in the end to red-brown politics.

This was the only attempt, by a leading member of the CPGB (Dated 9 September 2014) at a political reply to my Draft Theses on the Jews and Modern Imperialism.

What is notable about the above quote is the rather strange notion that too much anti-imperialism and anti-racism leads to …. racism, which is the punishment presumably for writing off Mike MacNair’s peculiar notion of class. This strange variant of ‘class’ politics involves defending the ruling class, the Tories, etc. against allegations of racism, and advocating neutrality in armed conflicts between imperialism and those resisting it in countries oppressed by imperialism (unless they have the CPGB seal of approval, of course).

2) Stephen R .Diamond, one-time member of the Workers League (USA) and regular poster on the newsgroup alt. politics.socialism.trotsky:

“do you really think … that the [Weekly Worker] would ever tolerate a position against Jewish racism in its ranks?

Donovan’s politics have a consistency. He’s a consistent “antiracist.” He has the courage of his convictions in contesting the racism of Jews.”

Posted 20 November 2014 as part of a discussion among a small group of ‘left’ opponents of open borders and implicitly, with differences about means, advocates of a working class campaign against immigration.

3) “Track/Dusty“, a regular poster on alt.politics.socialism.trotsky, a ferocious opponent of immigration and migrants, who is the nearest thing to a genuine ‘Red-Brown’ anyone is likely to find.

“You are a New World Order Quisling and the worst example of the breed to ever appear on apst. Your politics are so repugnant that the only relationship I would have with you in the hopefully improbable event that we ever met would involve physical violence.”

This comment was made (23 November 2014) in response to criticism by myself of this person’s rampant anti-Muslim hatred and ravings about the alleged prospect of ‘Sharia Law’ being installed in places like the Bradford West constituency represented by George Galloway. This on a thread discussing the violent attack by the Jewish extremist Neil Masterson upon George Galloway on 29 August, and the subsequent decision of the state not to send this thug for trial on charges of religiously aggravated assault, covered on this website here and here. It is notable that the CPGB/Weekly Worker, who have slandered the politics of this site as racist, refused to condemn this assault on Galloway by a violent Jewish racist.

I leave to the reader to deduce who is soft on racism and imperialism, and whose politics are laced with the ‘Red-Brown’.

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