Zionist Hope Not Hate attacks Theresa May for being ‘soft’ on Muslim ‘radicals’

Reprinted below is a circular from the Zionist-dominated ‘Anti-Racist’ campaigning organisation Hope not Hate, to its contacts and supporters. The circular effectively attacks Theresa May’s Home Office for being too soft on ‘Muslim terrorism’, in failing to jail Anjem Choudary, the former leader of the now banned Islamist radical group Al Mujaharoun, who, though the organisation has been made illegal, makes no secret that he still shares and expounds the kind of views that he used to advocate before the ban.

The problem is that Choudary has not been convicted of any crime, even though he has been routinely arrested whenever there is any kind of panic over likely acts of terrorism. He has never been shown to have been actively involved in any illegal acts. Hope not Hate does not seem to care about this; it is a thinly-veiled call for an individual to be jailed simply for his political views.

Many of Choudary’s political views are deeply reactionary and unpleasant, of course, particularly concerning women’s rights and the rights of gays, and obviously these views cannot be supported.

The working class movement does have an interest, however, in defending the democratic rights of all, and particularly upholding the principle that in order to convict someone of any crime, you have to prove them to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The fact that Hope Not Hate is attacking that principle is a disgrace, and an indication that in its pursuit of Zionist politics and attempt to embed them within the left, it is a scab outfit that is across the class line.

This is not the first time Hope not Hate has attacked the right of free speech of Arabs and Muslims in the UK. For instance, in early 2012 it launched a campaign against Haitham al-Haddad, a Palestinian Muslim cleric, and succeeded in getting at least one of his events, organised by the East London Mosque, postponed for a futile ‘investigation’ of the speaker, which revealed nothing. Some context on this was provided in a later article by the useful and unfortunately no longer fully operational website, Islamophobia Watch.

It should be noted that in the past, HnH has actively and aggressively attacked the right of free-speech of even dissidents of Jewish/Israeli origin, such as Gilad Atzmon, even trying to force the cancellation of musical events, for instance. In doing so, it had the vocal support of some supposedly left-wing and anti-Zionist Jewish leftists, whose proclaimed opposition to Zionism, one would have thought, would have excluded any collaboration with such an Zionist outfit as HnH. But no, as shown by this representative example:  the 2011 campaign by HnH and its ‘anti-Zionist’ handmaidens to halt the ‘Raise your banners’ anti-racist musical event in Bradford, because Atzmon was a participant.

Tony Greenstein, the leading ‘ Jewish anti-Zionist’ element supporting this joint attack with Zionists on the democracy of the labour movement, even produced a theoretical justification for ‘unity’ of the labour movement with Zionists for such witch-hunts. Explicitly in the context of the campaign to ‘no platform’ Atzmon, he wrote in response to some apparently conciliatory comments from Nick Lowdes, leader of HnH, on the Israel/Palestine conflict:

“Despite having been part of the Searchlight stable, for whom Zionism is de rigeur, Lowles comments are a welcome break from the past. That is how it should be because the anti-fascist movement should not be riven by disputes over Zionism. That was certainly the position of Maurice Ludmer when he was editor of Searchlight.” (http://azvsas.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/atzmon-caught-using-bnp-material-to.html)

The implicit assumption being that Atzmon is some kind of ‘fascist’, otherwise he would be no concern of the ‘anti-fascist movement’. And that ‘unity’ with Zionists to ‘no platform’ pro-Palestinian dissidents of Israeli origin such as Atzmon is just fine, notwithstanding that the attitude of mainstream Zionists to the rights of Arabs and Muslims is not that different to the nativist far right. Still, what’s the odd pogrom against Arabs between allies, when we can all unite to ‘get’ those nasty ex-Jewish dissidents who renounce the secular Jewish identity and seek to incite others to do the same?

Greenstein is only significant insofar as he reflects wider prejudices on the Western left, that acts as a blockage to a full-on attack on Zionism, and the fact that despite the most militant anti-Zionist rhetoric, it is quite prepared to make unprincipled alliances with Zionists whose real aim is to suppress meaningful dissent on the Middle East.

Dear [whoever],

A few minutes ago Brusthom Ziamani, 19, was found guilty of plotting to kill a British soldier. In his possession when arrested last year was a knife, a hammer and an Islamic State flag.

Ziamani was radicalised by hate preacher Anjem Choudary and became an active member of his al-Muhajiroun network. Just a few weeks before his arrest last year HOPE not hate had photographed the two men together.

While Ziamani is now looking at a possibly long jail sentence, questions must be asked about Choudary’s culpability. Once again he is ‘close’ to young Muslims who have gone on to plan terrorist acts.

HOPE not hate is this week writing to the Home Secretary demanding to know why this godfather of violent jihad and terrorism is still a free man.

Add your name to our letter:


The evidence against Choudary is compelling:

  • Over 90 people linked to his organisation have been convicted or involved in terror-related offences in the last 15 years
  • Another 20-30 are awaiting trial, many on terrorism charges
  • Dozens of his supporters have gone to Syria to fight for the Islamic State, while his international network has sent hundreds more
  • Both British IS suicide bombers were previously active in Choudary’s organisations
  • Choudary is IS’s ambassador-at-large, and its biggest cheerleader in the English-speaking world
  • Dutch intelligence has named Choudary as the key figure behind the rise of militant jihadism in The Netherlands
  • Choudary has also been influential in establishing jihadist groups in Belgium, Denmark, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland and Finland.

Yet despite all this, and much much more, Choudary has never been prosecuted.Why?

Sign our letter in demanding an explanation from the Home Secretary:


The 7/7 London bombers, the 2004 fertiliser bomb plotters and the murderers of Lee Rigby were all followers of Choudary and his al-Mujahiroun network.

So why won’t the Home Secretary take action against someone so complicit in encouraging terrorist and violent behaviour?

Militant jihadism is one of the biggest threats the world faces today. Its poisonous and supremacist ideology is as bad as the worst form of fascism, and its actions only give ammunition to racists and Islamophobes to target all Muslims.

So, enough is enough. It is time the authorities acted against Anjem Choudary, the preacher of hate.

Please co-sign the letter:




* For more background on Choudary and his terror networks, visit:http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/al-muhajiroun/

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